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8951: New photographs of Haitian sugar cane workers in the bateys released (fwd)

From: bateyrelief@mindspring.com

Dear friends,

A photo essay – by award winning photojournalist Antonin Kratochvil – on the
plight of Haitian sugar plantation workers in the Dominican Republic and the
Batey Relief Alliance’s humanitarian efforts has been published in the
Mother Jones magazine’s September/October 2001 issue, pp. 52-59 & 98.

The title of the story is “Slaving for Cane.” Antonin Kratochvil is best
known for his documentary photos of Eastern Europe. A book of his celebrity
portraits, Antonin Kratochvil: Incognito, was published in September.

I encourage you – your colleagues, family and friends to get a copy of the
issue.  For more information about the Batey Relief Alliance, please visit
the organization's new website at www.bateyrelief.org.

Ulrick Gaillard
Executive Director
Batey Relief Alliance