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8952: about "assembly" Jobs (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <postmaster@lyalls.net>

<Of course, it can be argued (and has been argued on
<this list)that assembly jobs are really not worth
<chasing anyway.

Some non economist blan in Hayti once asked me what an "assembly" 
industry was.
My answer was 'a sewing company'. Most of them I guess.

I bought a nice bandana, a mouchwa, with the Haytian flag on it.
A young woman of the neighborhood ( whose school fees I pay ) had it. 
She paid seven $ht for it.
I bought it from her.

It was made in China. Says so right there on the Haitian flag.

In Union fey la force.

Resist the so called Quantum Mechanics.
God DOES NOT play dice
David AT lyalls.net