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8954: Letter to David Keene (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

I've already reacted to David Keene's letter here in the Forum, but since
Ira Kurzman took the extra trouble to write Keene directly (excellent
letter!) I've written him too.  Phil Knowles

Phil Knowles

Mr. David Keene
American Conservative Union
1007 Cameron Street
Alexandria, Va. 22314

Mr. Keene:

I cannot improve upon Mr. Ira Kurzban's  August 22 factual letter in
response to your tirade of August 8.  Somehow, I don't expect you will be
moved or impressed by his information. You seem to have it all settled in
your mind, so "that's that".

But why are you so opinionated in the face of facts?  Is it your pleasure to
accept what you'd like to believe and the hell with the rest?

You are entitled to your opinions in our free country. But in my book, no
one of us is entitled to spreading stories around unless we have some
objective sense that we have the story straight.  In this case, Haiti has
enough trouble without false and half-true stories.  Those of us who care
about Haiti  (of course, about any particular country, but this is about
Haiti)  hope to support anything which will help, and dispute
misinformation. You, too, could be helpful  -  or negative, damaging,
destructive, annoying, Helmsish  -  if you chose.

Thank you for reading  -

Phil Knowles

PS  I've been to Haiti several times and read stories from Haiti almost
daily. I still have much to learn. It doesn't hurt.