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8972: Re: 8949: A call for a general anmesty (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

I am in favor of a general amnesty in Haiti. 

South Africa provided general amnesty to those who confessed their crimes. 

So amnesty yes, but only for those Haitian criminals who confess their crimes 
in detail. 

Short of that forget amnesty. 

While we are on this subject I often wonder why the Aristide government only 
concentrates on trials of the Raboteau genre: the so-called blood crimes. Why 
not go after some "grands mangeurs." Those who openly stole or are stealing 
from the people. Those who come to a government job with the shirt on their 
backs and end up wealthy overnight without any plausible explanation for 
their sudden wealth. Going after those kinds of government employees would 
really convince me of the present government's commitment to justice. 

What with the assistance of those foreign attorneys at the service of the 
Haitian government; Brian Concannon Jr., Ira Kurzban. That would really make 
a splash.