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9007: Re: 9006: Fanmi Lavalas note to the press (fwd)

From: OUTNAHC@aol.com

"...we prefer to loose with the people... rather than...?

The lavalas movement, Aristide in particular and the major "Gran Manj" without any question proceeded their political and economic advances without the people. There is no question that Aristide and his cronies have by all means won their fortunes and political positions without the pleople.  Yo janbe kadav pp la !

1. Poverty for the people worsens.
2. Insecurity for the people wor..
3. Crimes and corruption... worse
4. No Justice for the more than 5000 killed, raped, etc.. by the military, FRHAP/Makout
6. Prostitution... worse
7. Vann peyi... worse

Aristide ansanm ak tout zakolit li yo divse ak povrete pou tout tan. Pp la kontinye benyen nan miz pou lontan, tout otan se granmanj, ansyen makout, boujwa ak grandon, elatriye k ap kontinye piye/byen mennen.
One could go on and on... and on.... etc.. 

Loose with the people?  I dont think so !

Made millions without the people, thus the "Gran Manj" phenomenon. I think so !

Di m manti.