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9032: Re: Haiti needs help (fwd)

From: Elizabeth Greyson <megreyson@sprint.ca>


I was so glad to hear this position taken by a Haitian.  It's easy for a
person from outside of the country, like myself, to say those things, but it
means so much more coming from someone who is from Haiti and sees the
continuing problems.   Like in my own country, our politicians will sit
around and discuss a particular pressing problem for the next five years,
and really think they're doing a good thing in 'discussing' it, but in the
meantime, nothing is getting done.  Rest assured, there are concerned people
that ignore all of the politics and will continue to make efforts to help
those who really need help in Haiti.  In my own case, we're actively
involved in providing as much assistance as we can to the orphans and other
abandoned children on Haiti's streets.  It's something we're passionate
about and will continue to be for a long time.

God Bless.