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9031: Immigrants' Day in the DR (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Radio Metropole, Thursday, 6 September 2001  
Commemoration of Immigrants' Day on Sunday 2 September in the Dominican 

(translated from French by Charles Arthur for the Haiti Support Group)

Several organisations working in favour of improved relations between the two 
peoples of the island have taken part in activities to mark Immigrants' Day 
on 2 September. Representatives of Centre Pont, NCHR, the Platform of Haitian 
human rights organisations and GARR launched a call to the leaders of the two 
countries to respect the rights of Haitians without papers in the 
neighbouring republic.

The Haitian delegation and several Dominican organisations took the 
opportunity to honour the memory of Haitians without papers who have died on 
Dominican soil. A floral wreath was placed in the Santiago cemetery where six 
Haitians who were killed on 18 June 2000 are buried. The spokesperson for 
Centre Pont, Yves Edmond, once more called for justice for these victims.

Father Pédro Ruquoy, who works on immigration issues in the southwest of the 
Dominican Republic, talked about the human rights situation for Haitians in 
the DR. The priest, who has been the subject of constant death threats, 
stressed that the living conditions of Haitians in the DR are deteriorating.

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