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9038: more testimony against Haiti customs administration (fwd)

readers:  again, names withheld for the time being.  thank you.

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From: A_______
To: m_______
Cc: H_______
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 4:27 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: another relief shipment held up in Haitian customs

Yes, the address shown for Fr M_______ current. Ignore any other pls.

Yes, there is a corruption/bribe desiring explanation, I h no doubt.

Yes, this is self-defeating for the nation of Haiti.

No, I can't do more.

No, the Order will not deal with such loathsomeness.

No, I am not in the least embarrassed at having to tell Aristide that he
is compromised by this corruption.

And No, I do not expect him to last if he does not change.

I think ANY pressure wh W_______ E_______ R_______ cd bring to bear wd
be very beneficial.

You yrselves knowing Haiti far better than I do cd unite yr efforts w
those of A_______ M_______; but I h no doubt that the greatest advantage
comes from the fact of proximity. So, anyone of goodwill who is in Haiti
can do much more than anyone outside!

In haste...

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