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9037: Re: 9007: Fanmi Lavalas note to the press (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

OUTNAHC@aol.com writes:

<< 1. Poverty for the people worsens.
 2. Insecurity for the people wor..
 3. Crimes and corruption... worse
 4. No Justice for the more than 5000 killed, raped, etc.. by the military, 
 6. Prostitution... worse
 7. Vann peyi... worse >>
While I agree that poverty is worse, and insecurity for the people suffered 
in the not too distant past (I understand that criminals are not so bold 
these days!), I do not agree that Aristide is the reason, nor do I agree that 
we can be certain that he has changed his mission from "From misery to 
poverty with dignity" to filling his pockets with filthy lucre.  There have 
been more roadblocks to progress in Aristide's time than ever before.  There 
are people inside and outside of Haiti who do not want this change.  They do 
not feel thatthe common people have what it takes to make decisions for 
themselves and Haiti.  They feel that only the select few (themselves) should 
be able to have this democratic power.  And the terror they feel at the idea 
of not having destitute people to work for nothing in their factories, and 
their homes makes them dangerous.  The smear campaign they are waging now is 
awesome.  If one doesn't have a balanced view, one couldn't be blamed for 
believing all the lies and half truths printed in the media.  Some people on 
this list believe it.  I wonder if we will be allowed to ever know the truth.

Kathy Dorce~