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9063: one aspect of lavalas corruption in Haiti (fwd)

From: KONAKOM <konakomr@yahoo.com>


Today we are in a real confusion and corruption state
in Haiti.

The US 1.500.000 ( One million five hundred thousand
US dollar) house ( ex B.Ashton residency)in Canape
Vert would be a private acquisition of Jean Marie
Cherestal, the actual Haitian Prime Minister,
according the lavalas "senator" Fourel Celestin.

Before, rumors were saying that was a house of
function buy by the Haitian State for the Haitian
Prime Minister. Now The lavalas "senator" Fourel
Celestin is asking for an investigation over the 7
months lavalas Prime Minister assets.

This is lavalas mangement.

Sources: Haitian Senate debate 09-10-01 and radio

KONAKOM: Le parti politique moderne pour le Renouveau d'Ha´ti

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