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9062: response to Alix Cantve / letter to our elite (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Dunois Erick Cantave" <dunoiscantave@yahoo.fr>

Dear Alix,

I really appreciated your comment about my article  "letter
to our elites".

The main purpose of this text is to bring every Haitian,
particularly the elite, to have a better understanding of
the new world situation, a better vision of all possible
projections in the future and to put them taking their
responsibility as leader and productive strength of Haiti.

When we talk about elite, we should have in our mind all
categories of this socio-economic group: its a real plural,
I mean political elite, economical elite, intellectual
elite, religious elite etc…There can be overlap between
two, three even all of those. 

Everybody has to put their hands in the paste. But some of
us should take the front line to firstly understand the
stake or the main issues and secondly to show the way.
That's leadership.

That's why all Haitians, particularly Haitian peasants,
make a lot of sacrifices to give us a country, to raise and
educate their sons and daughters to insure the prosperity
of their land and a good reproduction of the Haitian

It is not an elitist position but a scientific, realistic
and patriotic one.

There will be no progress in a Nation without it elite's
involvement .

We have to go over those demagogic and populist slogans and
postures of the lavalas movement that describe elite as a
negative force in the society. Lavalas members have the
same approach concerning the American government and we saw
how much they beg them in 1994  to invade  Haiti just to
restore their power and not to promote its economical
growth and political stability. I did support Aristide's
return to Haiti  because of  democratic principles.  Now, I
have to see the evidence which consist in the establishment
of his dictatorial power over the country, the population
that become more impoverished and the built up of his
personal wealth without any scruple. Corruption in private
and public sectors and dealing drugs are the main
activities now in your country. The youth has any moral
reference. Its like a jungle.

Since the beginning of the actual Haitian crisis originate
from the fraudulent May, 21        2000 elections in Haiti
made by René Préval, the Aristide's twin, I never change my
fundamental position. It consist to reject this swindle and
ask for a compromise between all political forces and the
Haitian civil society in order to reach a political global
agreement that will brings us a real political stability.
Don't forget that those elections have been denounce and
reject by Leon Manus which was the President of this
electoral council. He fled the country after Aristide and
Preval threats.  Without that agreement, we will never have
economical progress in the country.

So, it's clear that my position is almost the Haitian civil
society, the opposition political parties and international
community positions with some minors differences. Those are
already expressed in  public statements and the last OEA
resolution over the Haitian crisis made in Costa Rica in
last June.

We should reach this political agreement by :

a) the cancellation  of the fraudulent November elections.
b) The erection of a national united government composed by
credible, honest and competent personalities that will
bring peace and confidence in the population, start all 
necessary institutional reforms ( police, justice, public
administration…) in order to create appropriate and safe
environment, and promote the formation of a new electoral
council composed by independent members to organize fair
and free elections in Haiti. Don't forget that major
electoral frauds have been made by the politicized* and
corrupt police in Haiti.
c) With this reconciliation climate and the cohabitation of
all political tendencies under a bright and strong
leadership, we shall be more able to approach all important
and vital economic issues. 

N.B: It is important to not put the plough in front of the
cows.  So, we have to erect a credible government before
realizing free election in Haiti. We must install a
political détente in order to incite credible citizen  to
involve in our political life and the institutionalization
of the country before realizing fair and free elections in
the country. If we don't do that, the crisis and the
country's decline will persist because the crooks will
continue to put themselves in the commands and run the
country.  The most important aspect in our current
political crisis is a lack of confidence of our population
in our leaders and politicians.

We do believe in our principal resources that's are human

We are against all kind of discrimination and exclusion in
the society because we believe in people capacity to
change, to adapt to new situations, and we also believe in
modernity,  intelligence and  competence.

We work for justice, social justice, integration, economic
and scientific progress in the country.

We urge for a better understanding of a new national,
regional and world construction.

Thank you Alix.

I'll be always available to exchange ideas with you.

Port-au-Prince, 09-10-2001

Dunois Erick Cantave

*  After apparently a calm and civic day where many
Haitians went to the vote's offices to do their civic duty,
in the evening, policeman brought all of ballot boxes in
the police stations near vote's offices filled up them with
lavalas ballot paper and made their own breakdown or count.
This has been documented by electoral officials, political
parties and international observers.

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