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9061: Boston Haitian Reporter News Capsule- Sep '01 (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com

The Boston Haitian Reporter Online

The September Edition
The fifth issue the Boston Haitian Reporter is now in circulation.  Visit us
online at http://www.bostonhaitian.com, which has just been updated with the
latest news and information.  Here is a sample of what you will find in the
September edition of the leading, monthly publication for New England's
Haitian-American communities:

Scholarship Program
The Law Offices of Alford & Bertrand is sponsoring a $5,000.00 undergraduate
college scholarship to a Haitian-American high school senior who has
demonstrated academic achievement and community service.  This Scholarship
is only available through the Boston Haitian Reporter, so pick up your copy

Save the Date:
Saturday, October 20, 2001-
1st Annual State of Haitian-Americans in Massachusetts Conference
Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center
Call 617.282.2021 for details.

Featured Stories
Masse's Masterpieces
Meet Masse Mansour, the Boston based painter whose prolific work examines
the beauty of the Haitian female form.

Patrick Jerome's Brings Emigrant Experience to Big Screen
Filmmaker Patrick Jerome fled his native Port-au-Prince in the early 1990s.
Now he is making movies in Boston- and his latest just debuted at the
Roxbury Film Festival.

Local News
Is It Time to Move the Carnival?
Organizers of the popular August event say no. But can anything be done to
curb the gun violence that seems to accompany the event each year?
Plus: Behind the scenes at the making of this year's Haitian floats

When Discipline Is Considered Abuse
How are Haitians managing to fit traditional forms of punishment into the
confines of the American system? We ask some local experts.

Is All Politics Still Local?
Caleb DesRosiers says that Massachusetts' political parties need to back up
their talk of diversity by developing viable minority candidates.

Ruth's Recipes
Cooking Up a Haitian-Style Breakfast
Three delicious reasons to stop hitting the snooze button.

The Sixties Saw Influx of Haitian Emigrants
Steve Desrosiers looks back at the decade which brought the first real wave
of Haitians to Massachusetts.

National & International
Cop Seeks to Appeal Conviction in Louima Torture
The latest on a NYC cop's bid to win his freedom.
Also: Louima Plans to relocate to Florida

Aristide Blames Disbanded Army for Killings
Plus: Police Raid Opposition H.Q., Arrest Leaders

Plus: A complete round-up of news from Haiti and the Caribbean

All of this and much, much more can be found inside the September edition of
the Boston Haitian Reporter.

Is there an issue or story in the community that we should know about?
Call the Reporter news room at (617) 436-1222 x22.

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