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9068: A noble cause: Creole Translator by MIT2 (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A noble cause: Creole Translator by MIT2
We have many Haitians who wrote dictionaries for the
Haitian Creole, this is good. At one time, when I was
doing my graduate studies at USF, I saw two distinct
dictionaries in the library written by two Haitians
living in Tampa. We don't have to say that our
resources are limited; it could have been a good idea
for all of them to get together and create a unique
dictionary for the Creole language.
	A Creole translator is being developed by MIT2; this
is a noble project that should be supported. It does
not have to be you, it does not have to be your
friends nor a Haitian national, we shall support
anything that is done for the benefit of the country
and that can expose our native tongue. Today, our
great Creole proverbs, poems, books may not be read by
a larger audience but if the Creole language has a
translator many might be interested. We should support
this type of project. Don't say only good job, keep up
the good work, we should send our financial
contribution as well to this unique institution, which
has embraced this noble project or invest in it. Now
your first question will be what is the ROI (Return on
Investment) the ROI cannot be measured only on money
but what this can do for our Creole language. Our sons
and daughters might be more willing lo learn the
Creole language, others can learn about our writers,
poets, music and more. Those of you who are computer
literate; you know how effortless to read a great
article from a foreign language without speaking it. 
	When something is good, one has to support it. Don't
worry who got the credit. Many nationals had invested
to create a translator for their own language, we
Haitians we are lucky seeing someone embraced that
project. It is a feasible project that can be done, I
urge each of you to check the history of babelfish and
try some online translation, and you will know the
MIT2 project can deliver in its promise. Today, I'm
using voila, babelfish and others online language
translator freely over the net, but some people have
to invest in them. We own that to Haiti, we own that
to our Creole language and it is a duty to support our
native tongue.  Please take your time to check these
two online language translators and ask yourself if we
Haitians can assist in helping the only institution
that is working in creating a translator for the
Creole language.

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