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9069: Re: 9059: I AM FROM HAITI - A book review (fwd)

From: JTWitmer@aol.com

I am pleased by these compliments to the story of Rod Mortel as I assisted 
him in the writing of this book.  Dr. Mortel is an amazing individual.  In 
July a school built in St. Marc, with his efforts through Food for the Poor, 
Inc., was dedicated and Rod himself was ordained a deacon in his home parish 
in St. Marc.  What a heartwarming homecoming!

Dr. Mortel's heart has always been in Haiti, along with his time and 
resources.  A truly remarkable man, which this book review captured so well.  
Those interested can find more information at www.mortelfoundation.org or can 
order the book at 1-888-355-6065.

Judith Witmer, EdD