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9111: Hatian and Bahamian unite in service at new convenant (fwd)

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Hatian and Bahamian unite in service at new convenant

Released Monday, September 24, 2001 at 10:07 am EST by Kilah Rolle

Bahamians, Haitians unite in New Covenant Baptist service

By Bianca Symonette

Guardian Staff Reporter

Bahamians and Haitians came together yesterday at a commissioning service at 
the New Covenant Baptist Church.

Sounds of Creole songs echoed in the aisles of the New Covenant Baptist 
Church as members from several Haitian communities attended the first 
service to bring together two often disparate groups of people.

Although most Haitians are normally considered as immigrants and often 
looked down on by the Bahamian community, Rev. Dr. Simeon Hall said that the 
Bahamas needs to bring these two entities together, and what better way in 
bringing them to gether than in the House of God.

"After traveling to Haiti, the Baptist Commission and myself decided that 
the Bahamian people needed to be united with the Haitian community in the 
Bahamas," Dr Hall said.

He expressed the hope that some type of peace for the Haitians that reside 
in the Bahamas could be realized in a Christian atmosphere where both 
Haitians and Bahamians could interact.

Rev. Hall said that by continuing such services the church would be able to 
address the problems between local Bahamian and Haitian communities. The 
hope was expressed that the event would be an ongoing process and eradicate 
some of the negativity towards Haitians in the Bahamas.

One of the Haitian nationals attending the service welcomed the effort of 
unity being made. He said that after attending Haitians-only services he was 
glad to have the chance to interact with Bahamians.

The service was coordinated by several members of the Haitian community, 
including Rev. Jean Paul Charles of the Berean Evangelical Baptist Church, 
Rev. Youth Pelius, Jerusalem Baptist Church, Bro. Lucien Chere-Aime, Calvary 
Baptist Church and Rev. Antonio Cepoudy, Mission Baptist Church.

Speakers at the service included pastors from both Bahamian and Haitian 
churches. The first speaker was Rev. Maudelius Vincent from Cross and Crown 
Baptist Church, followed by Rev. Laurent Papouloute from Ebenezer Baptist 
Church. Rev. Frantz Valmyre of the Corner Stone Baptist Church gave the 
third sermon and the final sermon was delivered by pastor of New Convenant 
Baptist Church, Rev. Simeon Hall.

During the service members of the Bahamian and Haitian churches paused for a 
moment of silence for the victims and families of the recent terrorist 
attack in the United States.

In helping to bring the two groups together a night of Bahamian-Haitian 
singing is planned for Nov. 3 of this year. All proceeds from the fund- 
raising event will be used to aid the Bahamian-Haitian community.

This event is just one of many that will help bring people together, Rev. 
Hall said. So far there are 25 churches participating in the 
Bahamian-Haitian services, where both the Bahamian and Haitian national 
anthems are included in the booklets along with the flags of both nations.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Nassau Guardian

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