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9112: Re: 9111: No replies to Poincy?? (fwd)

From: "Caribbean Power S.A. Haiti" <carbpow@hotmail.com>

In a country where the voters are for the most part illiterate. Places that 
have ballots with pictures of bottles and tables on them to indicate a party 
to vote for not individuals. In a country where democracy means, "This is a 
democracy I can do anything I want to!", and laws are ignored. In a country 
where the corruption is so rampant that elected officials only want to line 
their own pockets so they can leave the country they proclaim to serve as 
soon as possible. Yes,I suppose a case could be made for a "benevolent" 
dictatorship.Honestly, once I get out of the metropolitan areas I have not 
talked to 5 people in the last 4 years who say things are better now. Quite 
the contrary, they say things are worse. While a Duvalier type of rule is 
certainly not something I care to live under again there has got to be some 
middle ground between that and the current anarchy which seems to be heading 
toward a Castro inspired dictatorship coupled with Columbian drug lord