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9118: It's time for the Haitian Senate to act (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

 It's time for the Haitian Senate to act
Still no quorum, it has appeared that the Haitian
senate is not willing to allow the investigation of
the assassination of Jean Dominique to move forward.
Judge Claudy Gassant had asked the Haitian senate to
revoke the immunity of the Senator a prime suspect.
Being a suspect in a criminal procedure does not mean
one is guilty but the Senate must vote yes or no to
the judge request. 
Due process must be respected and the constitutional
rights of the accused and the victim must be respected
as well. Should the president convene the congress in
a special session to vote on that issue?  I don't
think there is a need for the Convergence and the
Lavalas camp to engage in any negotiation prior
arresting the individual(s) who is/are responsible for
the assassination of the Haitian Legend, Mr. Jean
	The Haitian high court shall intervene and settle
that matter once for all.  There should be a provision
in the constitution to bypass the senate. Anyone
accuses in a criminal proceeding cannot enjoy
	Now, it is time to step up the pressure against the
members of the Haitian senate. A deadline must be
given, the members must report to work to discuss and
vote on this issue, this should be a recorded vote it
cannot be secret. 
Is there a difference between the 46th and the 47th
Do you believe the Haitian high courts should
intervene and settle that matter once for all? Should
the Haitian president break his silent? Do you believe
there is enough evidence to arrest the Senator? The
Haitian constitution does not allow an elected
official to be prosecuted unless his/her immunity has
been revoked by 2/3 of the congress do you believe we
shall respect that law? What will happen if the
Haitian vote against revoking the immunity?  
Please share your thoughts.

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