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9119: Re: 9115: RE: 9111: No replies to Poincy?? Poincy answers to Milde Robert (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

Although you have answered your question partly, I
will provide one anyway. One needs not to flip back
too much the pages of world history to find such a
government. At any rate, I am refering you to Ayitian
history itself right after independence, Henri
Christophe embodied such kind of government. By far
Ayiti has yet to know socio-economic progress of the
kind that he brought. Prove me wrong technically (or
anyone) and I'll be up to show you otherwise.

However, you have changed the meaning of "good will"
by incorporating other elements to disqualify the good
will of an iron fist government. Well, they are
inherent to any type and form of government, modern
governments for that matter. These "thefts, atrocities
and murders" that you refer to are old tools common to
all types of government.  Maybe they are used today 
in a differnt manner or should I say in a more
"civilized, or democratic way" to be politically
correct. Let's think harder!

Which government in the world that is not involved in
corruption, "thefts, atrocities and murders"? Point
some out to me after accessing their secret
intellingence files or after one of their key
officials explode the bomb. Let's not be too too

I am quite aware that my concept of an iron fist
government with good will is not exempt of these
elements that you mentioned. In fact, they are
essential for the health of such a government to
function properly, effectively and efficiently. As
such a government grows wiser and the society being
shaped matures, you will notice less and less of them.

Now I am asking you a question and I challenge you to
prove me wrong by any historical account. Do you know
of any modern democratic government that did not use
these tools (your elements)in becoming what they are

Much to your disappointment, the seed of corruption
and companies is in the necessity to reconcile many
different interests for a collective well-being, to
render a society equitable rather than equal. That
will remain so during our species' existence, unless
there is some gene mutation that changes our
character. Things are what they are when it's about
politics and administering a society. We must learn to
accept them. You and I can't change them, but we can
work to lessen or give them a different or more
acceptable face, but in due time. 

What's the point of discussing for the sake of
discussing if solutions can't be proposed? I've said
it many times on this list I don't talk about facts,
but I discuss substance. Facts are to be used to learn
ways to improve current conditions and not to be
regurgitated. It does not cut it when a society, like
Ayiti, is in a constant state of SOS. Propositions
must be laid out, debated, refuted or accepted. It
just takes energy, that's all, and for Ayiti it's
worth it.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live


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