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9120: Re: 9114: Re: No replies to Poincy?? (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

> No one can find a "good-willed" dictator. Power
> corrupts. Absolute power
> corrupts absolutely. We all learned that years ago.

To say that, one must know for a fact that there was
good will in the first place. This is a very delicate
political concept. Let's not confused pretext with
truthfulness. Any ruler or group that has "good will"
will stand by it and won't sway regardless the
circumstances. Henri Christophe is my perfect example.
If "good will" is not transformed to tangible
achievements it is absurd to say that a government
with "good will" got corrupted because of absolute
power. Such a government was already in for corruption
and had no intention of doing good. 

Hence, there was never "good will". "Good will" is an
achievement in itself; until then, it is a work in
>Why answer.

That's your prerogative!

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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