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9124: Mrs. Carney's Views... (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Michelle Karshan writes:

  To my surprise, and probably to the others sitting at the
  table at that time (and you all know who you were) I 
  remember a couple of years ago, not long before the U.S.
  Ambassador Carney left Haiti, his wife met with a few 
  foreign journalists at the Olaffson and she expressed 
  her views that Haiti needed a benevolent dictator!  It
  was quite shocking and obviously in direct contradiction 
  to official U.S. policy, although I guess everyone is 
  entitled to their own personal views.

And I would add... 

Indeed!  Everyone IS entitled to their personal views, even an
Ambassador's wife.  For the record, former Ambassador Carney's
wife was know for expressing her views.  I recall another
amusing incident at a dinner I attended.  My wife, a department
head at Union School was seated near Mrs Carney who, during the
meal, launched into a broadside attack against Union School, the
only American-acredited English language school in the country
at that time.  Completely opinionated, off the wall, and off the
mark.  Perhaps feeling a bit embarrassed when she learned that
my wife was employed by the target of her attack, she later
recounted to us how, after several years of living with her
husband in the Far East they had decided to finally tie the
knot.  One of the top generals of (I think it was) Thailand,
congratulated her new husband on his marriage, but cautioned
Carney that with his new wife's reputation for non-diplomatic
candor, he was probably jeopardizing his own diplomatic career!

Personally, I like a bit of candor on the part of public
officials and their spouses, and only wish we could get a bit
more of it.

Lance Durban

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