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9125: In Re: Robert Milde Comments (fwd)

From: FAedouard@aol.com

Robert Milde states

"I have not yet replied to anything on this list, in part because I am an anglo, U.S. academic who needs to do more listening than talking here.

I'm listening to those who know more than me for constructive approaches -- I'm not the one to give
solutions here"

I think you should feel free to participate in the discussions. I firmly

believe the opionions expressed on this list is not representative of the

opinions of the 7 million + Haitians because:

1) Sometimes it appears that close to 50% of the posting from Americans with a deep interest or love of haiti.

2) Many of the haitians who post either have been in the US for many many years...Some appear to have left Haiti over 30 years ago.

3) The list is in English and on the internet..Simply put, this limits the list to those fortunate enough to have traveled to the US, obtained better education (here or in Haiti) or have some level of wealth relative to the average Haitian.

Please do not interpret my comments as critical of the list...I enjoy it and look forward to many of the comments and news article...Just stating the facts as I see it..