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9134: Haiti Info : Student asks for help

From: Karla Redditte <kreddit@hotmail.com>

[Note:  this person is not a list member.  Do not write back
to Corbett with messages for her.  Please write her directly at her

Mr. Corbett:

My name is Karla Redditte and I am a journalism grad student at the 
University of Missouri-Columbia. I am currently in "International Issues 
Reporting", a class in the school of journalism that focuses on fairly and 
accurately reporting international news by U.S. journalists. My chosen 
country to highlight this semester is Haiti. I will write a series of 
reports concerning the country. My first report will deal with the effects 
on Haitian economic and social conditions after the U.S. invasion of 1994. 
(Our government's goal was to "restore democracy", which ultimately 
backfired on the U.S. as well as on the majority of Haitian people.) I also 
would like to know
a bit of U.S. foreign aid to Haiti - did aid to Haiti increase,
decrease, or disappear after the invasion and what is U.S. contribution now 
to the country, if any?
I would like the input of someone from you to serve as an expert advisor - 
someone who could give me his/her opinion based on facts/experience. 
First-hand accounts are crucial to this report. If this story is well 
written, then it may have a chance to be published in one of the local 
newspapers.If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Please 
e-mail me at kreddit@hotmail.com, or give me a call at 573-817-9854. Thanks.
                                                       Karla Redditte

*Feel free to pass this message along to any contacts you may have. Any 
information would help.

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