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9143: Re: 9111 No replies to Poincy?? Dorce replies (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

<< Poincy writes about the necessity of a strong dictatorial
 system "with good will" as the only solution to deal with the
 "self-destructive" mentality of the Haitian people.
Since there has been no replies, does that mean that everyone agrees
with Poincy?   ...with his diagnosis?  ... with his remedy?>>

Sorry this is so late, but I did want to respond.  I have found myself 
talking like Poincy when I have felt especially frustrated with the 
agonizingly slow transition to a democratic system of government.  I have 
even said it aloud to the consternation of many who have lived through a less 
than benevolent dictatorship.  When I read Poincy this time, it occurred to 
me that it was a lazy solution to a difficult and complex problem.  Democracy 
is very messy and cumbersome.  To get so many people to decide on a course of 
action for an entire country is so hard, especially when they have been used 
to following orders and not reaching consensus.  Consensus building is a 
learned behavior.  It takes time to go from "might makes right", and 
"win/lose" to "win/win".  The brute way is easier, faster and a quick fix.  
But it won't make the transition to democracy any easier or faster.  

Kathy Dorce~