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9144: Re: 9130: dictatorship- Dorce repsonds to JAAllen (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com
In a message dated 09/28/2001 1:46:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time,  Dr JAAllen 

<<  I believe that Democracy is our only hope.  We should not entrust our
 future to the whims and caprices of a single human being or a group of even
 well-intentioned Haitians.  We need a strong Haitian presidency not an
 autoritarian regime. >>
Listen, if I have to live with the simple minded but dangerous 
....um........person,  who was "sort of" elected to the presidency in the US, 
 then you have to live with the president of Haiti who was elected also.  
It's for a term of office that will end in a few years.  So, as we have to do 
here, in our democracy, you have to support your government (since you live 
in the US but are Haitian, I presume you have two governments you are either 
forced to support or are happy to support).  At the end of this term, you are 
of course free to vote the bastard out.  But until that time, please support 
the democracy you supposedly love and let the man do his job, as I have to 
do, between clinched teeth , here in this country.  Dissent, by all means, 
but accept that he is president. Why is this democracy thing so hard to 
embrace?  Majority rules.......to the extent that the elite allows, of course.

Kathy Dorce~