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9168: Coup anniversary. FRAPH documents (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

So, is this the uncut version with the names of Americans visible for all to 

Is it the redacted version long offered to the Haitian government and loudly 
rejected by same?. 

Since March 2001 the Haitian government has had whatever version of the 
seized documents and we only hear about it now? 

What is being done with whatever version was accepted by the Haitian 
government?, anyone knows the answer(s).

None of this was mentioned in the recently posted long list of 
accomplishements of the Haitian government by MKarshan (spelling?) 

Please anyone with knowledge, post something. 

Haiti-Coup Anniversary 

GONAIVES, Sept 29, [2001] (AP) -

Sen. Gerald Gilles of Aristide's Lavalas Family party said the
government obtained the documents in March.

Speaking to a crowd of thousands that filled Independence Square in the
western city Gonaives on Saturday September 29, 2001], Aristide said that 
after years of
requests, the United States has turned over documents seized by U.S. forces
in 1994 that detail paramilitary involvement in the 1991 coup.