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9169: Constant, terrorism and 'hot pursuit' (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

As the world prepares for a 'war on terrorism', it is worth recalling the 
recommendation to the international community made by the United Nations 
independent expert, Adama Dieng, in his report on the situation of human 
rights in Haiti at the fifty-seventh session of the UN Comission on Human 
Rights on 30 January 2001.

"Following the guilty verdict rendered at the end of the Raboteau trial, and 
convictions in absentia of several persons responsible for human rights 
violations who had taken flight, countries where these fugitives may be found 
(such as Panama, the United States of America, the Dominican Republic and 
Honduras) should cooperate with the Haitian authorities to arrest and 
extradite them."

Are we alone in wondering about the United States' "hot pursuit" of Osama Bin 
Laden at a time when FRAPH's Toto Constant is living freely in Queens, New 
York City?


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