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9174: Re: Aristide's Words (#9167) (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

>    Since then street crime has dropped 60 percent, police say.

In the excerpts from post #9167 below see "without cause", "suspected", "innocent"
... where is the proof that those killed were perpetrators of street crime; or could
they have been innocent people?  Are the following murders not considered street
crime?  In what statistical group are they lumped?  Just curious ...

    >  Human rights activists say Aristide's words also have led to more than
    >  two dozen killings by vigilante mobs.

    >   free reign to a police force already accused of killing
    >  more than 150 people without cause.

    >  since Aristide's speech, mobs have killed at least 27 suspected thieves.
    >  One man was reportedly beaten, stoned and then shot to death
    >  Sept. 15 within sight of the National Palace.
    >     Numerous cases of innocent people narrowly escaping death at the hands
    >  of mobs also have been reported,

    >   a warning from Amnesty International on Thursday
    >  that respect for human rights in Haiti is deteriorating.