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9212: Haitian wedding

[Corbett notes:  in response to some member's request
I wrote the woman who asked the question and asked
if she'd send me any responses she got and I'd
post them for all.

She sent this one:]

Hello Carine,

Unfortunately, for the most part, a weeding in Haiti is no different than
wedding in France or in the U.S. The music typically played are
symphony and whatver religious songs from the person's faith. If Catholic, 
the sing catholic songs, if Baptists they sing Baptist religious songs.

Most of the time these songs are not Haitian but American translated in 
french - and some rare times in Kreyl.

However there are also for those who dare do so, the Vodoun wedding 
ceremony. Apparently, it is very elaborate and beautiful. Drums playing, 
signing, dancing, communion etc...

Myself and my wife are both Haitian. We both grew up in strong
protestant traditions but we decided to Haitianize our wedding as much as 
possible, here in Canada.

1) We wore African clothing (in hommage to our African ancestors)
2) We expressed our vows in Kreyl
3) We asked our elders our family and friends to bless the wedding and to 
join us in prayer, instead of going to a priest or pastor of a given 
3) We sent the invitation letters in Kreyl
4) The food served at the party was all 100% Haitian - complete with 
zaboka, bannann peze and Mayi moulen.
and of course we shared jokes, played traditional Haitian songs and danced 
to the beat of Haitian Music all night.

We had a great time. We have been happily married for over 5 years now.
first son has a Kreyl name and we are continuing to struggle to bring 
Afro-Haitian authenticity into every aspect of our lives.

There are a million things you and your husband to be can do to Haitianize 
your wedding. There is no set way to do sa as far as I can tell. Except 
perhaps to use the high sense of creativity God has bestowed upon our 
beautiful people.

Good luck and have a wonderful wedding and marriage!

Depi nan Ginen bon ng ap ede ng!