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9234: The Dominique Case (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The killer(s) of the Haitian Legend Mr. Jean L.
Dominique must be brought to justice. Let me remind
everyone, we are dealing with a criminal case not
politic whoever had committed this erroneous act must
be arrested. The Haitian justice had investigated the
military exercise that had committed against the
police national in less than two weeks, how come it
takes that long to resolve this case. 
Judge Gassant soon to be the most famous Judge in
Haiti had made a request for the Haitian senate to
revoke the immunity of another senator in order to
continue his investigation. So far, the senators are
trying to buy more time or helping their colleague. It
is imperative for the senate to vote yes or no on that
issue immediately. An Unfavorable vote of the senate
should automatically send that matter to the Haitian
highest Court. The Haitian government, the Haitian
Senate as well as the Haitian justice have to
understand the assassination of Jean Dominique will
not go unpunished, failing to do their job will
consider the whole team hostile to justice and the
security of the Haitian people.  
	The Haitian government is asking for economic support
but no support shall be given until the killer or
killers of Jean Dominique is (are) arrested and
convicted. The current Haitian government will be
directly responsible if anything happen to Honorable
Judge Gassant. This great Haitian Judge will become
the most famous Haitian with the highest integrity
once he indicted the killer of Jean Dominique. This
young Judge has a great future, a great name to
respect and he will leave forever a legacy for his
children and his family by just doing the right thing.
The Haitian Legend is not a victim of the insecurity
phenomenon therefore the perpetrator(s) must be
arrested whoever He/she might be.

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