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9232: tragic accident (fwd)

From: Paul Miller <psmiller@twincities.infi.net>

There was a tragic accident in Oakdale, Minnesota where two Haitian American
men were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning about 10 days ago.  There names
are Joseph Alexis and Henriquez Saintias.  They had been in America about 7
years.  They were both originally from Les Cayes.  Joseph is survived by his
wife Jeanne and their six children.  Jeanne is also from Les Cayes.
Henriquez has two daughters that live with Jeanne.  Details on a support
fund and  a benefit for the family to be held on October 21 can be provided
by email.

A group of people are interested in trying to get a travel visa for Jeanne's
brother to come to America to be with her and her family during this
difficult time.  Does anyone have any experience in getting travel visas
under these circumstances?  Please let me know.
Paul Miller