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9249: Re: 9237: Haiti appears in an American novel (fwd)

From: Krista White <librisia@earthlink.net>

Thank you, Sarah, for telling the list about _American Gods_.  I am a big fan of
Gaiman's work, and am glad to hear that he probably hasn't slid into easy
stereotyping of Vodou.

I recently saw an episode of "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" on the SciFi channel
which featured Gede prominently.  Though the character's name was never
mentioned outright, anyone who knows about that particular Lwas top hat and
sunglasses would recognize him instantly.  He was irreverent, joking about
death, but within the very narrow limits allowed in U.S. television (the real
Gede could never appear on t.v., as I understand it).  It was a completely
positive portrayal - too bad the writers didn't have the courage to explain who
the character was.

I hope that Neil Gaiman's book and the appearance of the Lwa on U.S. television
shows is a sign of acceptance to come.

Krista White
"Men had a pretty good thing going
 until they actually started believing
 the work they did outside the home
 was important."
  -Dave Barry