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9260: Public & Private Schools (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Public schools VS Private schools

If you are a well-educated family your children are
better of in public schools not private contrarily to
the popular beliefs. As you know, local government
controls public schools, which indeed had created a
disparity among them within the same county. It is not
surprising to see a school with the state of art
Technology and five blocks down the road finding
another one functioning like a third world country.  
	I'm against school zoning but for those who are
relying on the school Bus system to reach their
schools, it is the only available option. Families who
can afford to drive their children to school should
have the option to send their children to any public
school; they should not have to use a friend's
address, which can put them in a disadvantage with the
school board for any lawsuit. 
By living in a neighborhood with a limited income you
are forced to attend a school in your area even though
the school is listed as a "Failing School", it is not
fair.  I support a school voucher for all parents who
expressed their desire to remove their children from a
failing school, but if the voucher is distributed to
just a few I'm against it.  Since local government
controls public schools, the people in the community
should request change to be made prior removing their
children. My friends, you as parents have the power to
do it (U must be a registered voter as well).
	Public schools system is required to follow the state
curriculum, how they are going to meet that
requirement if they don't have the resource. 
Therefore, the state should also help the poor schools
as well in providing more teachers, reducing the class
load and take strong measure against parents who do
not report for parents conference or not involving in
their children education. 
	Haitian church in various communities shall provide
support to those parents who are unable to help their
children by doing after school program, ask an
educated member in their church to assist some parents
during parent conference. 

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