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9261: New York departures to Hispanola (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

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The discounted, round-trip fares from New York (JFK) are:

$239  PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI*: American

Where miles are indicated above, they refer to frequent
flier miles in the given airline's frequent flier program.

Most fares are for travel this coming weekend only. Those
noted with one or more stars (*), however, are valid for 
different dates.

Fares marked [Book at Orbitz] are available for purchase through the
Orbitz website, and are subject to applicable taxes and fees. If the 
special you want is sold out, you will see a list of additional 
options for your travel dates. http://rd.SmarterLiving.com/orbitz
<A HREF="http://rd.SmarterLiving.com/orbitz">AOL</A> 


Fares shown are for round-trip travel and may not include all
fees, charges, and taxes. Significant restrictions apply and all
fares may no longer be available. Please check with the travel
supplier for complete details before purchasing any ticket.

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