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9262: Re: 9256: Haitian presence in California? (fwd)

From: Mairojo@aol.com

There is a very large Haitian Community in Southern California.  I myself was raised in Pasadena (North of Los Angeles) and grew up with many close family friends from Haiti.  Los Angeles is home to thousands of Haitians.   However, some of them might not want you to know that they are Haitian.  I know people who have told others that they are from Martinique!!!  So sad.  Anyway, I now live in Atlanta, GA but my parents, brother and close friends still call Southern California home. My brotehr lives out in Rialto and I know of some folks in Walnut, CA as well.  I don't know anyone in Bakersfiled, but they might be undercover Haitians, you know what I mean?

On another note, the gentelman who was looking for Pikliz made me laugh so loud!!!