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9277: Re: 9260: Public & Private Schools (fwd)

From: Anez14u@aol.com

Just for general information, it is not always wise or necessary to choose 
one form of education over the other.  My so attends a private school in the 
morning and a public one in the afternoon.  At the private school he gets the 
specialized attention he needs for help in catching up with English, 
Literature, History, Social Studies, etc.  After lunch he attends a public 
school which offers French, Band, Science, and sports which are not available 
to him at his private school.  Sometimes the local school board will try to 
convince you that this is not a possibility as they are not to crazy about 
getting credit for 3/8th of a student but legally, if you pay taxes, your 
child is entitled to anything the public school offers