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9278: Re: 9258; 15 book list from 1995 (fwd)

From: Matt Ray <mray@novell.com>

Bob, by the way, I shared your list with a friend and he responded with this for the group.   We work in the medical industry with Haiti which makes sense when you read his response. 

"Great list. I haven't read that much either, although I have read Written in Blood and The Uses of Haiti and highly recommend them both. 

This list does not include anything that spefically deals with medicine or health care in Haiti. My favorite (and I've sampled a couple) is a book by Dr. Paul Farmer called Aids and Accusation. Dr. Farmer is an MD/PhD (in anthropology) and discusses not only AIDS but how culture and beliefs about sickness can affect a clinician's efforts to treat patient. It's a great book and, while dealing a great deal with AIDS in Haiti, it also deals extensively with other public health problems the country faces. It also has a nice chapter or two on the economic and political troubles Haiti has had and so is a good/quick introduction to the general situation. "

Matt Ray
Healing Hands for Haiti