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9279: Help Anyone (fwd)

From: Lorraine Barnett <ptlno1@yahoo.com>

I joined this list at the suggestion of Professor
Lawless, author of Haiti's Bad Press. I am glad that I
did. I didn't know about the list before.
I have a vision...something that I would like to
accomplish. It is much bigger than I am and I fear
sometimes that it is not feasible, but finding out
about your list has given me hope.
I want to contact American corporations and encourage
them to invest in Haiti, to open factories, to develop
enterprise. In so doing, they will provide work and
income to the people who are anxious and willing to
work. They only want a chance. 
I am an Afro American woman who speaks some French and
Creole. I move comfortably among the Haitian people. I
also served for 14 years as in-house counsel to an
insurance company, therefore I am familiar with
corporate protocol. 
I believe that this is something that I must do. I
just returned from Haiti on October 11th. The
suffering and poverty is more than I can bear. Will
the subscribers on your list please contact me with
suggestions as to how I might begin this monumental
task. I am willing to give it a try. I am willing to
travel frequently particularly to Haiti to set this in
I am willing to discuss what I have already done but I
don't want to take up too much space or time. I will
respond to direct questions
Thank you
Lorraine K. Barnett

[PLEASE:  Repond direction to:  Lorraine Barnett <ptlno1@yahoo.com> ]
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