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9304: Ira Kurzban-super salesman?? (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Re. U.S. Department of Justice, Foreign Agent Registration Act
    Reports to Congress Government of Haiti 1997 through 2000

Ira Kurzban may be a well spoken advocate for the Government of
Haiti and Corbett Readers have had the opportunity to read one
or two of his opinions.  Still, in adding up the numbers on the
recent Corbett posting, it appears that Mr. Kurzban was paid
$2,651,259.88 by the Government of Haiti for the period in
question.  The Gov't of Haiti, and indeed, the people of Haiti
ought to be told exactly what this money is buying.  Would Mr.
Kurzban care to enlighten us?  

Unlike the Gov't of Haiti, our private sector company uses sales
reps as one means of furthering the companies' goals (generating
sales).  This is a somewhat analgous situation, except that our
reps are generally paid a commission on sales... in other words
pay for performance.

Mr. Kurzban is essentially a highly paid salesman, and I would
submit that there comes a time when the paymaster has to
evaluate the quality and level of sales being generated.  I and
the other readers of Corbett are hardly in a position to make
any kind of judgement, but surely someone in the Haitian
Government ought to be looking at this fairly closely.

L. Durban

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