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9327: Re: 9310: RE: 9304: Ira Kurzban-super salesman?? (fwd)

From: Philippe Charles <pcharles@us.ibm.com>

Julie Hoover wrote:

> Lance Durban questions Ira Kurzban's reported Haitian government fees of
> $2,651,259.
> This was over a period of four years so the annual fees (spead around
> evenly) are around $637,000-- not really much for high quality attorneys
> working for a national government.  It's my understanding Ira provides a
> broad range of services to the Haitian government.  He has been with
> Aristide since the very beginning, providing valued advice and services.
> Have never thought of this wonderful man as a "salesman" although he has
> times produced some fine-tuned pieces in defense of Aristide.  He's more
> strategist advising and helping with many crises, problems, and legal
> issues.
> Don't think he or anyone else really needs to explain how this money is
> spent but if they should do so, am sure your concerns would be

However, in a recent article by Yves Colon, written for the Miami Herald,
we read:

> Gary Lissade, the justice minister, says his office has modest means, and
> that he has done everything possible to help Gassant. He has provided the
> bodyguards. When Gassant asked for a laptop computer, a luxury for an
> impoverished government, he got it, Lissade says.

Given that the impoverished government of Haiti considers an $1800
laptop computer for the pursuit of justice a luxury, one would have
a hard time justifying spending $2,651,259 for a vague
"broad range of services". What priority does justice carry?