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9326: Re: 9303: Ra-Ra (fwd)

From: Gage Averill <gage.averill@nyu.edu>


Elizabeth McAlister is publilshing a book soon on the topic of rara.  In
the meantime, you can check out the following:

my liner notes (with Verna Gillis) to  the CD: "Caribbean Revels: Rara in
Haiti, Gaga in the Dominican Republic". Smithsonian Folkways 40402, 1991.

liner notes by McAlister et al on the CD "Rhythms of Rapture: The Sacred
Music of Haitian Vodou, "Smithsonian Folkways 40064, 1995.

or the liner notes to the Ellipsis Arts release, coproduced by McAlister
and Nicolas,  of "Angels in the Mirror", which has a number of rara
examples on it.

In addition, a chapter I did for a music textbook, available in most
university libraries has a rather extensive section on rara, "Caribbean
Music: Haiti and Trinidad," in John Schecter, ed., Music in Latin American
Culture: Regional Traditions. Schirmer Books.  1999: 126-191.

Or can check out my article on Haitian Music in the Garland Encyclopedia of
World Music, Volume 9: Music of Latin America and the Caribbean " Dan
Sheehy and Dale Olsen, eds.,  1998

McAlister may also have some additional article-length materials she's
written on the subject.

Good luck.

At 22:53 -0700 10/23/01, Bob Corbett wrote:
>From: Martha VanCise <mvancise@ircc.net>
>While living in Haiti, I saw many Ra-Ra bands and heard many stories about
>their purpose.  I also heard terrifying stories about being caught up in
>one.  What is the purpose of Ra-Ra bands?  What are the participants
>celebrating or portraying?  Why are the bands so prevalent during Holy
>and silent on Easter Sunday?  Why do they sometimes turn violent? I've
>many stories about Ra-Ra bands and it's hard to separate myth from truth.
>I'm working on a book that will have a Ra-Ra scene and would like to be
>accurate in my portrayal.  Thanks for any help on this.
>Martha VanCise

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