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9340: Re: 9328: Haitian folktales on disk, or CD (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

I am sure you can find some (including a list of references from my Kreyol 
d-base). It's possible that they recorded some of Elsie Clews Parsons' 
research on that. I’d suggest also that you visit Indiana 
University-Blooming web for further references.


[COURLANDER, Harold. Uncle Bouqui of Haiti: folk tales from Haiti from Uncle 
Bouqui of Haiti. New York: William Morrow. 1942. 126 p. [Phonodiscs; 
descriptive notes on slipcase. Folkways Record FP107. 1956. Transcribed from 
Courlander (1942). - “Presents English translations of Haitian folk-tales 
centering around the figure of Uncle Bouqui, a regular character in such 
tales: his outstanding characteristic are stupidity and stubbornness”. (WBS, 
Vol. 39. pp.100)]

COURLANDER, Harold. “Music of Haiti”. 1952. [1. Folk music of Haiti. 2. 
Drums of Haiti. 3. Songs and dances of Haiti. Phonodiscs. Notes by collector 
in slipcase. Folkways records P407, P403, P432]

COURLANDER, Harold. The drum and the hoe: life and lore of the Haitian 
people. Berkeley: University of California Press. 1960. XV, 371 p. Reviewed 
by Daniel J. Crowley in Ethnomusicology 6:131-132 (1962). [146 songs with 
music and texts of additional songs in Creole with French orthography. 
Glossary of Creole terms, pp. 357-361. Bibliography & Discography]

COURLANDER, Harold. Creole songs of Haiti. (Phonodisc). Folkways Records 
FP833. [Nine songs, texts and translation in slipcase]

COURLANDER, Harold, (STEARNS, Marshall). “Songs and dances of Haiti”. 
[Recorded by Harold Courlander and Marchall sterns. Phonodisc; notes by 
Courlander. Ethnic Folkways Library FE4432]

PARSONS, Elsie Clews. “Spirit cult in Hayti”. JSAP 20:150-79. 1928. [Vaudou 
texts both verse and prose]

PARSONS, Elsie Clews. Folk-lore of the Antilles (Part II). 1936. [85 
folktales from Hayti, pp 470-596, including 3 in English from an immigrant.]

PARSONS, Elsie Clews. Folk-lore of the Antilles (Part III). The American 
Folk-Lore Society. 1943. Krans Reprints Co. N.Y. 1969. [97 riddles, pp. 
447-453; 62 proverbs, pp. 484-487]

PARSONS, Elsie Clews. Folklore of the Antilles, French and English. New 
York: G.E Stechert and Co., 3 vols, 24 cm, XIV-521+XII - 521+XVIII-487 p. 
(Memoirs of the American folk-lore Society, vol. XXVI)

E.W.VedrineCreole Project Archives

>From: MariLinc@aol.com
>Fellow Corbetters,
>A colleague of mine in the Virgin Islands has asked me this:
>Do you know where I can find a collection of Haitian folktales on disk, or
>CD, with the English translations ?
>I need it for one of my classes.
>Do any of you out there know of such a disk/CD?

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