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9339: Football (fwd)

From: Jedidiah Daudi Lyall <postmaster@lyalls.net>

The sports pages informed us that:
>21 October- On the last day of the premier division soccer season, 
>Cap-Haitien's FICA club won the championship title thanks to a 6-3 victory 
>over Tempete of St Marc. With the win, FICA (Football Inter Club Association) 
>saw off the challenge from Violete of Port-au-Prince who beat Amateurs of 
>Cite Soleil 3-2 at the Sylvio Cator stadium. FICA finished top with 57 
>points, ahead of Violette who finished second with 54.
Now, I saw the Okap team beat one of St Marcs teams in Cap Haitian
last spring. As those are my two cities of residence in Hayti it was
an interesting match. I know no one with the Cap Haitian futbol scene,
while a cousin of fami mwen in St Marc was on the St Marc team.

So, when I was leaving from Cap Haitian International Airport last
there was a big "to do" escorting some passenger who had arrived
at the airport. Police escort and all.

It turned out that this was a brazilian player imported to play ONE
for the Cap Haitienne club against a PauP team. Someone is spending
money on futbol. Probably betting heavily on the outcome as well.

An Eye for an Eye...
Soon we will all be blind
Mohandas Gandhi