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9367: 9362: Re: 9348: Questions for the list (especially academics) (fwd)

From: Robert Fatton <rf@cms.mail.virginia.edu>

	Thank you Carrol for mentioning my book; it will be 
out in March 2002 and will be published by Lynne Rienner.  
The title is: Haiti's Predatory Republic: The Unending 
Transition to Democracy.  Thanks,

> From: "Carrol F. Coates" <ccoates@mail.binghamton.edu>
 next spring by Robert Fatton's study on recent
> functioning of the government (1991 on, if I remember correctly)--I have
> seen this ms. but unfortunately I forget his title--maybe he will supply it
> if he sees this--to be pub. by Oxford, I believe; 


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