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9368: Re: 9351: Dorce to FAedouard (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 10/26/2001 12:49:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
FAedouard@aol.com writes:

<< Money spent by the USAID goes through numerous check and balances before 
and after the project. The House Foreign Affairs committee has hundred of 
pages available on the web where Congressman ask pointed questions of USAID  
about there budget,successes and failures. >>
Does anyone else get the irony of the above paragraph?  Does the poster 
really believe we know how our tax dollars are spent?  Does the average 
taxpayer bother to even try to find out?  Those in the government who spend 
our money, know we aren't going to go out of our way to find out how it's 
spent.  They pretty much have free rein to use that money to further their 
own goals.  I admit that it's entirely possible that they believe they are 
doing what's in the best interest of this country.  But I would almost 
certainly disagree with that, as would many Americans, if they would lift the 
veil of convenient blindness from their eyes.  

What bothers me about the noble sounding transparency issue with regard to 
the Lavalas government, is that it is so one sided.  I have never heard this 
argument against any other government or junta in Haiti before this.  Why is 
Aristide hobbled by all these accusations and allegations of impropriety and 
the activities of the IRI and USAID are accepted without question.   We do 
not have transparency in this country; we do not really have a true democracy 
either.  So let's not get crazy when comparing the US and Haiti.......they 
are not so different.  As a US taxpayer, I want to know what USAID is doing 
in Haiti.......I want to know how every penny is spent.  I want to know what 
activities the CIA is involved in in Haiti right now.  (Shouldn't they be 
hunting down bin Laden and everyone who looks like him now?)  If they sent me 
their balance sheets, would I know then, how they spend my money?  My dear 
people..........no, I would not.  And neither would you.  
 "Conspiracy Theorist can claim the USAID is there to destroy Haiti and but 
it strange how many Haitians are always willing and happy to "cash" the check 
when its sent by the US Gov."
I don't think anyone, even conspiracy theorists, think USAID is out to 
"destroy" Haiti.  But that is what they are doing......in their ineptitude.  
They are representing US interests (need I say "big business"???).  They do 
not represent the Haitian peoples interests or even the American peoples 
interests.  It's about money.......what can you do for ME?  There is no 
altruism in foreign aid.....let's please agree on that.  

And explain to me why Aristide is so heinous and the litany of dictators and 
strong men the US has supported were so attractive and worthy of our help??  
Honestly, I don't get it.  And why the righteous outcry over Aristide and not 
others before him.....not even the coup leaders got press this bad.  

Aristide is being hamstrung.  Countless roadblocks are put in his way so that 
he will not succeed in his intentions to improve Haiti.  Those who do not see 
this, do not WANT to see this.  And why is that?  Do they REALLY care about 
Haiti?  Or do they just care about their agenda.  Those who speak against a 
cult of personality are the ones imbuing a single man with all this power.  
Those of us who still support Aristide do so because he represents the needs 
of all Haitians, not just the chosen few.  Anyone else who does this 
sincerely, will get the same support.  

I am not proud to be an American.......especially when faced with our 
treatment of Third World countries.........but, I'm damn LUCKY to be an 
American.  So are we all.
Shall we please remember that we are part of a larger community and we have 
social and moral responsibilities outside of ourselves?  Shall we not hold 
our government accountable to uphold the values our flag is supposed to 
represent?  Do we have to change the Stars and Stripes to Dollar Signs on a 
field of red?  Haiti has been grievously harmed by this country.  She 
deserves better, as do her people.

Kathy Dorce~