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9369: RE: 9348: Questions for the list (especially academics) (fwd)

From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

RE: Haitians writing about Haiti:

I myself usually prefer to look first at material written by an "insider" to
a nation or culture. However, if what I want is to learn about, say, the
history of tourism, or a critical overview of literature, or a study of
philosophical values, or a comparative study of music, then perhaps there is
not a good source available in English by the "insider" scholars. If there
is, I'm thrilled.
But I know it is a common if unconscious bias. Even this week a dean here
recommended to me a book on Islam written by a Western Christian woman whose
first language is not Arabic and who is not Muslim. I thanked him politely,
but would never use that book, if avoidable, as a sole or major source, and,
in the case of introductory books on Islam, there are many excellent ones
written by Muslim scholars of religion, theologians, sociologists or

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