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9381: Justice for Jean Dominique (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Will Jean Dominique ever find justice in Haiti?  The
gentleman was assassinated and somebody or a group is
responsible to order his assassination and Judge
Gassant is working hard to bring the killer (s) to
justice. The Haitian Legend was not a simple man and
this case is not a simple case either. Jean Dominique
is more dangerous to the lavalas government in his
death than when he was alive. The Senator might be an
innocent man but he should come forward to remove the
air of suspicion that may cloud his political career.
The Senate has taken too long to vote on the immunity
issue. Assume the senate vote, no which will be a
political suicide for the Lavalas camp what will
happen to that investigation? Or will the judge wait
until the term of the Senator has expired? Judge
Gassant is determined to launch an indictment against
the Senator once the Haitian Senate voted positively
on his request. And anyone indicted in a capital case
must be arrested. In the meantime, judge Gassant is
waiting quietly, he is very young with an impressive
career. At this stage, he cannot back down; he must
fulfill his mission by just doing the right thing. At
this present moment the political career of the
Senator is in limbo, he has not set foot in the
congress for months and may never for the rest of his
life. Judge Gassant is man to watch, at this young age
he had made a name for himself, he is not living a
luxurious lifestyle like many others, and I commend
him for that. My friends, we have respectable people
in Haiti, we have honest Haitian who believe in hard
work and we have people who are not going to
compromise their name and career for a few bucks.  A
name is a passport some of you are using it; you have
to say thanks to your parents. Judge Gassant I urge
you to do the right thing, many scholars throughout
the world are watching this case, mistake is not
allowed. Before indicting anyone in this high profile
case, you must absolutely sure of winning a
conviction. In life one has to be fair, the Senator is
presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

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