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9382: The Tintin Family at The Carrie Art Collection (fwd)

From: carrie_haitianart@dnetwork.net

Carrie Art Collection is pleased to present the virtual exhibit of "La Famille Tintin"; The Tintin Family composed of 4 extraordinary haitian artists. 


Like all families... a family resemblance, yet each individual unique... Patrick, Eddy, Gino and Jean-René, each a personal vision and sensitivity. Surreal visions of a Haitian universe. Sometimes peaceful... sometimes disquieting, always fascinating. 


The Tintin Family is the seventh exposition to be featured in the "Artist of the Month" series. On the 15th of every month, Carrie Art Collection will feature an artist, their work and an interview with the preeminent Haitian art critic, Michel Philippe Lerebours. 


Carrie Art Collection has selected from among Haiti's finest artists, representing various schools and mediums. Visit now and discover the magic of Haitian art. 

We thank you for your time and attention and hope you will forward this e-mail to family and friends so they can stay up to date on the latest Haitian Art News from The Carrie Art Collection. 

Carrie Art Collection 
121 Juvenat, # 5 
Petionville, Haiti 
Telephone: (509) 401-0145