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9383: Where there is no Doctor (fwd)

From: Jedidiah Daudi Lyall <postmaster@lyalls.net>

>The Creole version of Where There is No Doctor has a section in the back on 
>medicinal uses of plants in Haiti with sketches of the various leaves.  
Last year I asked the list where to get a copy of  Kote  pa gen doktor.
Numerous folks responded. Thanks all.

I looked around PauP for the bookstores where this tome was rumoured to
be available. The big Haitian Librarie company, a chain of stores I
guess it is, 
whose name I now cannot remember, has a store downtown on Grand Rue JJ.
They don't have any books! Not hardly anyway. One can see that 50 years
it was  probably a fine bookstore. Today they have a few gift items,
paper supplies and  less  than two dozen titles, none in Kreyol.

The mission book store out on Blvd Harry Truman has their Jeanty
kreyol books and  other useful titles, but nothing on medicine.

There is another librarie inland from the Teleco building. It is
surrounded by
street merchants about 3 meters deep of course.  Those street merchants
were the only ones in the country to have a copy of Kote pa gen Doktor.
I paid 100 $ht for it, in a good hard cover printing.
I also got a good copy of the  University of Kansas  Kreyol/Anglay
I paid only 100 $ht for that. They wanted 200, about the price in the
but I didn't  need it  that badly.  So, the 'walking away' price went
by half.

Se pa  pou Dadi
J.  David Lyall