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9384: Re: 9383: Where there is no Doctor (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

The Kreyol title is: *Kote Fanm Pa Jwenn Doktč*

2000. BURNS, A. August, Ronnie Lovich, Jane Maxwell, Katharine Shapiro. Kote 
Fanm Pa Jwenn Doktč. The Hesperian Foundation. Berkeley: CA (USA). 585 p. 
Kreyol translation: Jean Wilner Steve. - Kreyol introduction by Rose-Anne 
Auguste (Founder of APROSIFA). - Kreyol dictionary (pp. 544-559), definition 
of 367 terms in Kreyol (many are related to the medical field, anatomy...). 
A list of drugs ("medikaman yo", pp. 488-520) divided into 2 parts: 
commercial & generic names.

One of the best translations I've ever seen in HC (Kreyol) and a very useful 
book in Kreyol for the medical field, people learning Kreyol and for Kreyol 


>From: Jedidiah Daudi Lyall <postmaster@lyalls.net>
> >
> >The Creole version of Where There is No Doctor has a section in the back 
> >medicinal uses of plants in Haiti with sketches of the various leaves.
> >
>Last year I asked the list where to get a copy of  Kote  pa gen doktor.
>Numerous folks responded. Thanks all.
>I looked around PauP for the bookstores where this tome was rumoured to
>be available. The big Haitian Librarie company, a chain of stores I
>guess it is,
>whose name I now cannot remember, has a store downtown on Grand Rue JJ.
>They don't have any books! Not hardly anyway. One can see that 50 years
>it was  probably a fine bookstore. Today they have a few gift items,
>paper supplies and  less  than two dozen titles, none in Kreyol.
>The mission book store out on Blvd Harry Truman has their Jeanty
>kreyol books and  other useful titles, but nothing on medicine.
>There is another librarie inland from the Teleco building. It is
>surrounded by
>street merchants about 3 meters deep of course.  Those street merchants
>were the only ones in the country to have a copy of Kote pa gen Doktor.
>I paid 100 $ht for it, in a good hard cover printing.
>I also got a good copy of the  University of Kansas  Kreyol/Anglay
>I paid only 100 $ht for that. They wanted 200, about the price in the
>but I didn't  need it  that badly.  So, the 'walking away' price went
>by half.
>Se pa  pou Dadi
>J.  David Lyall

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