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9389: Re: 9274: Walton on US Support of Haiti's Government-Dorce Comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 10/17/2001 2:38:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, "Walton, 
Robert" <waltonr@emh1.ftmeade.army.milwrites:

<< While many listmembers are justly concerned with the abuses heaped upon
 Haitian citizens by its government and NGOs in bed with the same,  I am
 unaware that much has been done to bring these matters before U.S.
 mainstream media, the appropriate section at the U.N. headquarters (NYC) and
 the U.S. State Department.  IMHO, left in blissful ignorance of these
 abuses, these institutions will generally favor elected officials and
 regimes.  These folks need to know how the local UN officials and Haitian
 government are impacting Haitian citizens.   >>

What media have Mr. Walton (if I am not calling you by your correct title, 
forgive me) been reading/watching/listening to?  I can't GET balanced 
reporting about Haiti; it is so blindly one-sided against the present Haitian 
government as to made the most rational person believe in wild conspiracy 
theories.  The US does NOTsupport the Haitian government....or else why are 
they withholding financial aid and producing an amazing amount of propaganda 
against one man, one party with no critical information on anyone or any 
other party to speak of?  I can only imagine that in Mr. Walton's capacity in 
the military, he has not been stationed in Haiti.  If he has, then his post 
has to be disingenuous.  Anyone who was in the US military in Haiti knows who 
the US supports and it isn't Aristide.  Military careers were destroyed over 
our policy of serving the wealthy elite's interests rather than the much 
beleaguered majority population.  Morale was in horrible condition over our 
military policy in Haiti.  
<<It's a pity that our government  assumes that the
Haitian government represents the majority of its people.  But then, who
else should the U.S. deal with?>>
If our government assumes that the majority of Haitian people support the 
Haitian government (who has not been allowed to do their job to help Haiti, 
much because of US interference), they do so because they have no choice, as 
the majority of Haitians continue to support Aristide.  Yet the US government 
STILL supports a bloodless coup in the name of Democratic Convergence 
(interesting that they didn't use the term Republican).  In my humble 
opinion.......this is sheer American arrogance.  Does this government, 
including the military complex, think they have done a good job in 
identifying where our national security is in danger???  I think not from a 
small country in the Caribbean, but rather, perhaps, from terrorists in the 
Middle East who were once supported by us?  These mistakes have turned out to 
be deadly ones.  

Kathy Dorce~

One more comment, the media is a tool of big business.  Most of it is owned 
by corporations, conglomerates.  Let's not look on them as the harbinger's of